Complete Works

A new comedy series set in the world of a collegiate Shakespeare competition. Coming to Hulu on the Bard’s 450th birthday, April 23.

A big shout out to our crazy co-writer/directors @josofro and @northynorth17 for making it into the top 200 for HBO’s Project Greenlight. You can check out their bio video on YouTube!!

Uber excited to screen Complete Works at USC’s Bing Theatre next Wednesday 9/17 at 7pm! If you’d like to come watch the series on a big screen, this is your chance. Tickets are FREE! Hope to see you there!

Happy Birthday to this wonder of the world, Alicia Papanek! #theultimatePD. Never afraid of getting her hands dirty, running around in her bare feet, laughing too loud and loving too much. You are a beast, a hippie spirit and a true artist. We love you!

Shakespeare in the Bushes.

You made us laugh till we cried. Your honesty, sense of humor, and endless sass will remain in our hearts forever. #RIP #joanrivers

Happy Birthday to our very own Pauline Williams, @lilsfullz! Turns out she’s not a bitch in real life.

Happy Birthday to the samba wearing, OJ drinking, unicycling, Hal Evans forever, @josofro!!! We love you!

Yes. It’s a real thing. #shakespeare #completeworks #richardiii

Once more, another take dear friends, once more! @josofro #completeworks #shakespeare

Huge congrats to John Rubinstein (Richard Dallion in Complete Works) on getting his caricature put up on the Sardi’s wall of #Broadway fame!! #pippin #newyork

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